Frequently Asked Questions

We use dedicated servers located in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.

We are quite flexible about bandwidth limitation. However, if we see that a certain VPS is taking too many resources, we will email you and ask you to lower the traffic, as not to affect other users. If it turns that the bandwidth usage is obviously too much and is slowing down the whole network, we will have to suspend the service, not to affect other users.

You can ping on to test the server's latency.

100 Mbps

Yes. All the servers have full SSH access

Yes. You have full root access to your server, except with Ubuntu, in where the root account is locked, but you still have administrative rights by using the sudo command.

Yes. You have full control of your VPS and you can create as many users as you wish.

Yes, you can and you should do it always, by using your selected distribution's update or package manager.

Yes, as long as it is legal software, you can install anything.

All VPSs run on top of bare-metal dedicated server, and not on top of other VPS

Our KVM VPSs run on  servers with Intel i7 Sandy Bridge quad-core 3.5 Ghz CPU with hyperthreading technology, and 16 GB of RAM

We provide KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) VPSs. KVM is an Open Source virtuallization solution. Each virtual machine has private virtualized hardware: a network card, disk, graphics adapter, etc. KVM is becoming very poular and has been implemented in many enterprise solutions.

We offer all our VPS customers with control panel access where they can switch on, off, reboot and  troubleshoot the VPS via VNC console if network is lost. Also customers have acces from there to performance and network graphs.

With our control panel our customers have VNC access. We can attach any required ISO image and that OS image can be installed. from there

We can upgrade you to a higher package anytime you require. Hard reboot is needed after the upgrade

Our online store supports payments via Paypal. It gives you an option for credit card payment even if you do not hold an account with them.

We provide unmanaged Virtual Private Servers only. We can help you, give you advise or point you to documentation, wikis, forums, etc, to the best of our knowledge, and time permitting, but we do not warranty neither the result of the help provided, nor the time to actually look for a solution to your problem.

We only install Linux and FreeBSD servers. We do not support Windows installations.

Yes. We can give you all of our services in English and Spanish.

The problem with Rapidleech is that it uses lots of bandwith and CPU. Since you are sharing those resources with he other VPSs, so we cannot accept rapidleech on our VPSs. Only on dedicated servers, by paying an extra fee for unlimited bandwidth.

At we welcome everybody, no matter which country they come from.

When your service due date is approaching, you will receive an email reminding you. You can do the renewal process by going to while logged in with your web site credentials.